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A Geohound's Blade by Alrynnas A Geohound's Blade by Alrynnas
Like this sword without a cloud
Like this blade, pure and true
We shall become swordsmen, strong of heart!

Omg, it's done! I'm just so friggen happy with how this blade turned out! :XD:

While part of me wanted to keep this future cosplay a secret (at least on here), I cannot resist the urge to post up how this sword looked once done. So, here it is! The major prop for my Grandia 2 Ryudo cosplay! It's modelled after the sword he has in the various artworks and cut-scenes of the game (since, actually, he uses a different "normal" blade when in battles in the game...then of course he gets an awesome God-slaying sword that I was definitely not gonna make...).

So, overall, this was a rather easy sword to create. It's all made with poplar wood as the core, covered with some layers of balsa wood to give the blade its dimensions. While it crossed my mind (a while into making the blade) that I could have just painted all the detailing onto the blade and keep it flat, that would hardly have produced the look I wanted. Plus where would the fun be in making that?

The filing down of the balsa wood into the desired shape definitely took the longest. It left me sneezing and coughing for a bit from all the dust that was made xD The runes were a bit tricky to cut out, and even harder to get as smooth on the inside of the edges as I would have liked. The balsa wood even cracked a couple times while working on the runes...which didn't surprise me at all. After all the parts were in place, I primed the blade with gesso I had. But since that didn't get the look I wanted over the balsa wood, I ended up putting a very thin coat of wood filler over that to get it as smooth as possible. Much sanding down at this point.

Then I finally started to coat it with silver spray paint. 3 coats, with sanding down and patching up more areas with wood filler in between to get it as smooth as I could. At some point, I just have to get myself to stop once I get to this stage, 'cause it could seriously go on foreeeeeeever. So once the base silver paint was on, I added a very thin layer of black wood paint that I still have lying around so that it wasn't so friggen shiny. Wanted it to look a bit more like it had been used for a few years or something. I also made the areas I had cut out darker so they would stand out more in photos. Then I painted that area up by the hilt blue with acrylic paints. To finish off the blade, I cut some red fabric I had that happened to be the PERFECT shade of red for the job. It was wrapped around the handle tightly, using wood glue, actually, to keep it all in place. I haven't added anything on top, but if it starts to degrade or something, I'll probably coat it with something that'll dry clear so that it will stay nice.

This is the fifth cosplay sword I've made, and may probably be my favourite. Though I love my Noctis sword, it's a really close call with this one since this is easier to carry and maneuver with. Not to mention, it is probably the sturdiest and strongest of the blades I've made. Though I definitely won't be actually testing that, there are no weak/flimsy parts like in my other swords.

I only took one “process” shot while working on this sword because it felt so simple to build that I did not document the creation (and that was after much of the difficult stuff was done). As such, I won't be posting a making of this sword here. But, if anyone has any questions about this sword, or any of my other swords, or just sword-making in general, ask away (in a comment or pm) and I shall do my best to answer =)

This will also be the only making-of shot for my Ryudo cosplay that I'll be posting on here. Everything'll just have to wait and see when it's all done.

Time to Complete: Technically started it in the summer of 2010, and finished in the summer of 2011, but much of that time was with the blade lying on my table, waiting to be worked on. So I believe this could have been completed in a month, easily.
Total Length: 52" The blade part takes up 38 1/2"
Width: 4" for the blade, 12 1/2" for the sword guard.
Weight: About 2 lbs?

I just love this sword and cannot wait till I finish all of my cosplay and get to take shots with it!

Don't suppose there's anyone that lives between Hamilton and Toronto, or at least attends Anime North, that would like to join me in cosplaying characters from Grandia, huh? =D For some future idea when I'll be done.

(Everything crafted by me.)
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JobStagris Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
Even though you see this sword many times in the game before, your regular weapon sprite gets exchanged for this one later in the game. I'm also 100% positive that you can't avoid obtaining it cause its the Maken Volbarg.

Also, awesome replica. I wish I had it, cause it was my favorite weapon in the game (saps enemy health and returns it to you)
Alrynnas Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011
Ah, thank you for pointing that out! I had honestly never really noticed that the first battle sword was different from the cut scene one until I read a comment from someone else that pointed it out (I had thought the Granasaber to be the only change). Then, of course, in my latest replay through the game, I have yet to get past Melfice's last battle, nor had I watched any of the battles between his and obtaining the Granasaber to see the change. (And on the note of the Maken Volborg, I can't believe in my first playthrough of the game, I had actually sold that sword by mistake before even equipping it OTL Go me...)

And thanks =)
JobStagris Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011
Most welcome. Again, awesome replica.
Karumen-Chan Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Student General Artist
Alrynnas Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011
Shukakachi Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Student Photographer
'Like this Sword without a Cloud" XD LMFAO CAN"T WAIT :D
Alrynnas Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011
:XD: Not my fault it's a quote from the game...
:la: Neither can I! :D His headset shall be the next major thing I'm working on! But, fuuu, must finish off my art trades first so I can devote all my time to this cosplay! x_x
RB-Illustration Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011   Digital Artist
That's amazing! I wouldn't even be able to begin thinking about trying to make something like that. xD I really like how you did a double layer of wood to make the symbols indented. ^^
Alrynnas Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011
Heheh, thanks! :D Yeah, thankfully if I ever get really stuck, I can bounce ideas with my dad on how to proceed for props like this xD Though I am very proud that this one was 100% me 8D And, heheh, the symbols, gotta have the symbols! Or else it wouldn't be Ryudo's sword! :XD:
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