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May 7, 2010
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Portfolio - Before and After by Alrynnas Portfolio - Before and After by Alrynnas
Careful! Large file!

Well, finally got around to putting this all together. This is a comparison between my animation portfolio from last year (2009) and this year's portfolio (2010). I mainly wanted to wait until I got my score sheet back before scanning everything...and then I ended up waiting till school was over, so here it is! The difference between a portfolio I made straight out of high school compared to one I did after taking a 1-year program at Sheridan College! (Oh, and I did make it into animation on my second try, yay.)

Not everything from the portfolio's seen here. I left out my figure drawings 'cause they're too large to scan and I didn't want to take a photo of them (and they were my weakest point, heh...) and the 5 pieces in the personal section of the portfolio are left out 'cause...well, just take a look around my gallery to see my personal work xD

From top to bottom, the pictures are:
Animal Drawings
Hand Pose - before and during
Room Drawings
Object Drawings - before and after ((looking at last year's for this makes me laugh and cringe))
Character Expressions ((I'd forgotten how anime 2009's was xD))
Character Rotation - front, 3/4 front, profile, 3/4 back, back
Action Poses

It's nice to see how different things are after less than a year of drawing.

I do apologize for how the scanning turned out for the final look (especially for the storyboards). The scanner doesn't like picking up the light line-work, and scaling the images down didn't help with that either.

To anyone who's applying to a program like this (where you have to submit a portfolio, or something else like an audition), don't give up! Keep improving and try again!

Hope people find this helpful/interesting! And please be nice in comments, I know I still have a lot to learn!
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CYcat Jan 2, 2012  Student Filmographer
That's so good to look back and compared what you did before!!!

Can you look at mine and give some advices???
I'm applying this year too!!!!>A< "
PLZ help me, I'm so stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's the link:
wow i see lots of improvement from just one year! i'm debating whether or not to apply for this program this year, and i was wondering if you knew if they like seeing things done from a while ago up to now (so like a comparison of how you improved over the years)

if you could give any pointers or stuff (i read the last comment) that'd be great! =]
Hm, no, I don't think they want to see how much you've improved, just show them all the best stuff you can. They're more of looking to see what you can do now.

As far as other pointers go... I just want to stress again to keep on drawing as much as you can. I'm still drawing all the time, and when I look back at my portfolio, part of me wants to laugh at how it looks! xD Especially the first one. If you want to see some of the improvement I'm talking about, take a look at [link] and [link] (I may do a lot of digital work now, but it all starts with a sketch).

Drawing from life is great reference, for people, animals, and places, and you want to be able to get to the stage where you can draw life from memory rather than having it right in front of you. Also, if you see an artwork that is something you want to aspire to, go ahead and copy for practice! Just don't put that in your portfolio ;P Like for me, art from Warcraft has always been a big inspiration for me in designs.

And for characters...make sure they can show good change in expression. Silhouette value is something they like to see in the poses too, whether or not the pose can read well if it were all black. Storyboards, you want to make sure the story is clear at first glance (actually, in class today, we just had to pitch another person's storyboards, and it really showed how easy their boards were to understand or not). Room drawings...correct perspective is key here! They don't have to be overly complicated, just right.

And just throw in some of your best work you can for the extra stuff. If possible, gear it more towards animation, like characters in setting or something, rather than stuff that might seem more illustrative on its own.

I hope that helps! :XD: Feel free to ask me any other questions. I would also recommend applying. You don't really lose much by doing so, and then you'd get some feedback on where you stand =)
thanks so much!
also, i heard they didn't accept digital works in the portfolios, and i don't know about drawing your characters in anime you know anything about that?

and thanks again!!
I actually had put in a digital painting with a character in it for some of my extra work, to show some variety and that I could also work digitally, since it does come into play in animation these days. But I definitely wouldn't do anything digital for the other sections. They like to see nice linework, and the construction of how you got to the final look. Like I made sure to include multiple process images (which meant drawing things out more than once, but it was worth it) for all the sections. Save life drawing, since I used sketches from in-class, but that was my weakest section anyway, so blah.

Anime isn't really looked highly upon by those judging the portfolios (also, sadly, the people who judge your portfolio can affect your outcome quite a bit =/ so just keep that in mind). If you look at my first portfolio example, you'll see my character is fairly anime-ish (though I did get all 3 out of 4 for my character in the first one). Second one, not so much (I had a roommate who was in animation help me). The most important thing to convey is a sense of squashing and stretching as the character pulls different expression. Also that the design is animatable. Don't get hung up on detail in the outfit, or a lot of linework in the hair/eyes. This doesn't mean you have to draw in a "Disney" style either. Ah...hope that helped answer your question! xD
oh ok! thanks SOOOO much!!
You're very welcome ^^ I hope my answers provide some help =)
theassassinelf Sep 30, 2010  Student Filmographer
I'm in Sheridan this year hoping to get into animation. This is really helpful. Any other pointers? :)
Hm...get as much life drawing practice done as possible, it helps. And, really, just keep drawing whenever you can, practicing and pushing yourself further with drawing. Wish I could be more specific than that x.x ...And don't save the portfolio for last minute! xD Start working on it as soon as you can!
theassassinelf Sep 30, 2010  Student Filmographer
:) Thanks so much! even that is really helpful! :P And, should I include life drawing as my extra work? People have told me I should.
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